Wednesday, April 18, 2007

First Post for the Old Wadena Society

The Old Wadena Society just held its annual meeting at Wahoo Valley Restaurant on the Crow Wing River. The featured speaker was Mathew Mattson, an archaeologist working in the Walker, Minnesota area. He spoke about the prehistory of Minnesota.

One amazing fact he related was that during the latest ice age the headwaters of the Mississippi was where Old Wadena Park now is, rather than an hour or so north by car at Itasca State Park. The glaciers extended this far.

The Society's annual Founders Award was presented to Dr. Duane Lund for his lifetime achievement in preserving the history and environment of the region. Dr. Lund is the author of 42 books, and he continues to work on more. He is a true inspiration to us all.


Scoop said...


good addition. I'm adding (attempting to add, at least. I will see how this goes) the Staples World's absolutely fantastic coverage of the Old Wadena Society's annual meeting. Are you not glad that we have such impartial news judgement among our group?

Scoop said...
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Don said...

Looks great Jamie!!! Thanks. Don